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This week's scathing attack on legal aid cuts came from the musician turned solicitor David Rowntree  and from a very senior judge, Lord Neuberger. Rowntree is the drummer with the acclaimed 90s Britpop band Blur and his criticism of the government came after it had been revealed that a subsidiary of the haulage firm Eddie Stobart had emerged as a leading contender in bidding for a new generation of criminal legal aid contracts that would deprive defendants of the right to choose their own solicitor. Hypothetically speaking, if the Legal Aid Agency contract is won by the same business who had also won the contract to provide security for prison, this privatised justice system could mean one ends up being represented by the same company that also jails. Lord Neuberger, the President of the Supreme Court, had said that changes in the legal aid system meant that while any citizen should be able to take a case to court no matter how small it may be, some would be prevented or seriously disadvantaged from pursuing the litigation path.

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  • Legal aid tendering: will it actually work? | Joshua Rozenberg - Guardian Law  
  • Misogyny behind Irish State controls on women’s reproductive rights | Jacky Jones - The Irish Times 
  • Orphan Works - the new law in the UK | Francis Davey - Open Rights Group 
  • UK's New Defamation Law May Accelerate The Death Of Anonymous User-Generated Content Internationally | Eric Goldman - Forbes 
  • Legal aid cuts risks damaging civilised society, warns senor judge Lord Neuberger, the President of the Supreme Court | Tom Whitehead - The Telegraph   
  • Privatised justice is no justice at all: Chris Grayling's radical changes to legal aid could mean being represented by the same company that jails you | Nina Power - The Guardian

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