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A dedicated worker may be hard to come by these days but according to a latest survey, lawyers are dedicated workaholics. The figures put legal professionals some way ahead of accountants and IT professionals. However, according to a senior lawyer, this dedication does not always reflect in equal promotional prospects for women lawyers, with some firms holding an unconscious bias against women. Lady Justice Hallett, a senior woman judge has warned of the frenetic pace of life holding women back. Adding to this the inability of many women to promote themselves within an organisation, there is some way to go towards achieving gender equality.

The purpose of this column is to take a serious look at what happened in the business of law within UK as reported by online legal publications throughout last week.

TheLawMap interview with Barrister Camilla Choudhury Khawaja on the image of the women lawyer and if there is still a glass ceiling as well as her thoughts women's rights issues.

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  • Fighting hate speech against women on Facebook | Jane Martinson - Women's Blog, The Guardian 
  • South African lawyers urged to fight 'racial prejudice' | James Barnes - The Global Legal Post 
  • How does EU environmental law affect the UK? | Staff reporter - Resource Magazine 
  • Intellectual property rights at the core of Apple’s Irish subsidiaries | Colm Keena - The Irish Times 
  • Scottish Courts need to catch up with police in tackling domestic abuse | Annie Brown - Daily Record 
  • London attack: now is the time to defend our liberties, not give in to fear | Isabella Sankey, Comment is Free - The Guardian 
  • Saudi Arabia accepts registration of female lawyer | Jonathan Rayner - Law Gazette 

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