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Competent interpreters are becoming increasingly difficult to find as highlighted by a recent case where the Crown Court Judge had to adjourn the case after an interpreter had refused to turn up citing the excuse that he 'would not be paid enough'. Court services have claimed that in up to 50 percent of cases involving translation service, interpretation had to be bypassed as the individuals were either not competent or did not bother to turn up. 

The Home Secretary Theresa May has voiced her intent to further protect police officers by introducing compulsory whole life sentences for criminals who kill police officers in England and Wales. This raises the issue of should a life sentence mean life. The Criminal Justice Act 2003 permits the Justice Secretary, after consultation with the Sentencing Council, to make an order to change starting points for sentences, meaning, in this instance to change the starting point of 30 years life sentence to a whole life order. The Sentencing Council is the official body that oversees sentencing in England and Wales, issues guidelines for judges and magistrates to work to for all offences other than murder. However, a spokesman for the Sentencing Council commented that such a measure would involve changes in the law, which is a matter for parliament than the body itself.

Courts should be able to regulate individual requests for assisted suicide without reference to parliament, senior judges have been told. In the latest attempt to overturn the prohibition on doctors helping to end the lives of their patients, the court of appeal is considering three requests for legal guidelines to be relaxed. The cases concern a plea from widow of Tony Nicklinson and two others.

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TheLawMap interview with Lawyer Nqobani Nyathi from The Legal Resources Foundation in Zimbabwe about the role of the lawyer in Africa in general as well as an insight into the legal process in Zimbabwe.

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