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Welcome to the year's 13th edition of the weekly 'Law Business' column brought to you by the SundayLawReview team. A week in which the Greater Manchester Police officially started to include hate crimes against members of subcultures such as Goths and Emos, and a nine month tug of war court battle over a missing feline was finally settled between the original owner and adoptive family, the serious end of the legal media was dominated by cuts to the legal aid budget. Articles on how to represent onself on court and cutting down the costs of getting divorced have been aplenty and it is doubtful whether there would be any end to them in the near future. Staying in the field of divorce, the 'marital coercion' defence, which had recently been used in the Vicky Pryce/Chris Huhne case may well be abolished. It is rarely used and the Law Commission had recommended scrapping it almost 35 years ago.


The latest class survey has revealed that the newly qualified solicitor is some distance away from being the 'fat cat lawyer' that the profession is often unfairly tarnished as. There is a real fear that Justice Secretary Chris Grayling's plans would reduce the justice system as nothing more than a Profit & Growth plc, where the lawyer is nothing more than a unit-shifter employed by a large corporation. 


The purpose of this column is to take a serious look at what happened in the business of law within UK as reported by online legal publications throughout last week. 

The most interesting articles on developments, compliance, business of law within UK or as well as international developments of interest to UK law firms and legal practioners: 

Interesting articles on the study of law, legal training, pupillage and legal academia: 

Articles of the week:

The UK and international articles of the week are pieces selected by @TheLawMap tweeting team based on recommendations from friends and followers of daily law news blog. 

  • Violence And Dignity – Reflections On The Middle East | Noam Chomsky - Social Europe Journal 
  • The truth about women 'crying rape' | Eva Wiseman - The Observer
  • A new world heaves into view this week with sweeping changes in the fields of welfare, justice, health and tax | Patrick Wintour - The Guardian 
  • Women’s rights are increasingly heralded as a useful propaganda device to further imperial designs? | Julie Lévesque - 

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