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Welcome to the year's 15th edition of the weekly 'Law Business' column brought to you by the SundayLawReview team. The week felt like a long tragic note with the Bombings in Boston, USA and Lady Thatcher's funeral. Both events highlighted how fragile peace can be when dissatisfied souls want to make statements. While protesters held placards outside of the Royal Courts of Justice, scattered remonstrations through graffiti and a few turning their backs on the ceremonial cavalcade, the mood of ex-miners who have never lived down their last stance remained hardened to the former Prime Minister. The explosions at Boston is a far more sinister form of protest that is totally unwelcome and uncalled for in any society. The subsequent fear led to reviews of existing security arrangements for London Marathon that took place on Sunday. The internet-detectives took to social networking in trying to unravel the identity of the bombers but just got it very wrong  


For those on low income, Government's decision on imposing the burden of court costs to those who have £3000 or more in personal savings is certainly likely to impact litigation. This was also the week when figures revealed that arrests in England and Wales fell by 9% prompting further cries of criminals supposedly getting away with it. Perhaps the most important legal news of the week was the Supreme Court's reversal of a previous decision that accessing newspaper articles by clicking links does not breach copyright.   


Sectarianism or fan violence is not new to football as this week saw further troubles and subsequent arrests of two Millwall supporters for disorderly conduct, but what is deplorable is an open admission of hatred towards an opposition supporter in matters unrelated to football. This week a Newcastle FC supporter had to be struck from the jury at the sexual assault trial involving an individual who was a supporter of Sunderland FC


The purpose of this column is to take a serious look at what happened in the business of law within UK as reported by online legal publications throughout last week. 

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Articles of the week:

The UK and international articles of the week are pieces selected by @TheLawMap tweeting team based on recommendations from friends and followers of daily law news blog.

  • Press regulation: minor bloggers excluded from exemplary damages. Political parties reach agreement on 'micro businesses' with turnover of less than £2m for amendment to crime and courts bill | Mark Sweney - The Guardian 
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission issues guidance on workplace rights | Press Association - NewsShopper 
  • Emotional intelligence is still the key to corporate success and influence | Julia Chain - The Global Legal Post
  • Are UK drug laws stopping depression drug trials? | Tim Sandle - Digital Journal
  • M25 suicide case demonstrates limits of court of appeal | Joshua Rozenberg - The Guardian 
  • The Antisocial Network - The fruitless search for dehumanized money. Bitcoin’s wild ride may not have been the biggest business story of the past few weeks, but it was surely the most entertaining | Paul Krugman - The New York Times
  • What is terrorism? Terrorism has come to signify race and religion though everyone is careful not to say so | Laura Beth Nielson - AlJazeera
  • Vienna 1913: When Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud and Stalin all lived in the same place | Andy Walker - BBC Radio 4 
  • What are we losing in the Web’s images of suffering and schadenfreude? | Philip Kennicott - Washington Post

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