The Law Business: 18th to 24th February

Welcome to the year's seventh edition of the weekly 'Law Business' column brought to you by the SundayLawReview team. The collapse of the Vicky Pryce trial this week led to some questions being asked of the jury system. But the age old principle of being judged by one's peers was defended by senior lawyers. Britain's senior most female judge Lady Hale has openly argued for positive discrimination to promote more women in the judiciary to offset centuries of gender imbalance. In the wake of a very interesting article on why women find it difficult to sell their achievements in workplace, perhaps the legal profession still has some barriers to knock down.


This column takes a serious look at what happened in the business of law within UK as reported by online legal publications throughout last week. 

The most interesting articles on developments, compliance, business and the study of law including articles cited within TheLawMap 'focus of the day': 
  • Bar goes ahead with aptitude test for entrants | Law Gazette 
  • Government ‘hiding’ RTA Portal evidence, Society claims | Law Gazette 
  • High-cost cases to escape new management rules | Law Gazette
  • High value cases get extra protection from costs management | Solicitors Journal
  • Growing percentage of enquiries through solicitors’ websites makes them a most valuable marketing tool | Law Gazette 
  • Impact of wellbeing on performance | Law Gazette 
  • Top-40 firms seek ABS status, research shows | Law Gazette 
  • Concession over EU sales law | Law Gazette 
  • Mediation fails to reduce litigation over children | Solicitors Journal 
  • Lord Lester rallies supporters of Defamation Bill | Solicitors Journal 
  • Profit falls the ‘new normal’ for high street firms | Solicitors Journal
  • Impact of wellbeing on performance | Law Gazette 
  • Suspicion not enough in care proceedings | Solicitors Journal 
  • Solicitor who lost firm works as carer for former clients | Solicitors Journal    
  • First construction ABS as global consultancy buys law firm to offer multi-disciplinary service | Legal Futures 
  • Motorbike accident management company becomes ABS | Legal Futures
  • BSB launches probe after report identifies possible race bias in disciplinary work | Legal Futures  
  • UK lawyers told to go digital | The Global Legal Post
  • Once more into the electronic justice breach | Law Gazette
  • Compliance – catalyst for consolidation? | Law Gazette 
  • Homeless families can be accommodated in separate flats | Solicitors Journal
  • British banks face £9bn unfunded litigation bill | The Global Legal Post 
  • Four-borough shared legal service gets go ahead | The Lawyer 
  • Will drafted by experienced partner was invalid, appeal judges rule | Solicitors Journal 
  • Will drafted by experienced partner was invalid, appeal judges rule | Solicitors Journal
  • Solicitor-run chambers becomes ABS | Solicitors Journal 
  • No new money for defence in Green’s digital justice plan | Law Gazette
  • The never-ending story: publication of Legal Education and Training Review delayed again | Legal Futures 
  • Referral fee ban will drive insurers to buy law firms, "but it won't reduce claims costs" | Legal Futures 
  • Latest crop of ABSs eye external investment and non-legal services | Legal Futures 
  • SRA rejects LSB call for review of separate business rule | Legal Futures
  • Cobbetts’ demise and resurrection – the full story | Law Gazette 
  • EU watchdogs target Google privacy policy | The Global Legal Post 
  • Partner jailed for £20m fake marriage racket | Solicitors Journal 
  • Advocate General backs workers in TUPE battle | Solicitors Journal 
  • Several QualitySolicitors firms are considering moving to alternative business structure status | Law Gazette
  • Bar reviews conduct regime over ethnic disparities | Law Gazette 
  • Cable hails unified patent court boost | Law Gazette
  • Shake-up of legal education faces new delay as review report is pushed back | Legalweek
  • Firms warming to outcomes-focused regulation, says the SRA | Law Gazette 
  • Wales says no to separation – for now | Law Gazette 
  • Status quo is best for Wales | Law Gazette
  • Find-A-Lawyer, EU-style | Law Gazette 
  • Lawyers slam Theresa May’s ‘populism’ on immigration | Law Gazette
  • Lawyers let down by poor mental health programmes | The Global Legal Post 
  • Lawyers "need to unbundle services" to compete with online providers | Legal Futures 
  • SRA survey: OFR confusion for many firms - and their compliance officers | Legal Futures
  • SRA plays down law firm finance concerns | The Global Legal Post 
  • Patent law change to boost UK innovation | The Global Legal Post 
  • Top British companies ramp up legal budgets | The Global Legal Post 
  • Publication of legal education review faces yet another delay | The Lawyer
  • FTSE 100 Firms' Legal Liabilities Shoot Up 
  • Rights to light ‘being exploited’, Law Commission says | Solicitors Journal
  • Goodbye Solicitor And Barrister, Hello ‘Legal Process Analyst’ | Review: ‘Tomorrow’s Lawyers’ Richard Susskind 
  • Legal Services Board presses SRA not to shackle provision of non-reserved legal work | Legal Futures 
  • Law Society warns of significant risks if foreign lawyers are passported into law firm partnerships | Legal Futures
  • Success and the smaller Law Firm | The Lawyer 
  • Are these Libor fines all fine? Lack of accountability and minuscule nature of payouts | The Lawyer 
  • Lawyers with football club clients should not underestimate the tough new financial controls regime | The Lawyer 
  • Cab rank on a ride to nowhere | The Lawyer 
  • The anti-online tracking campaigners harrying Google are the shock troops in a wider digital war | The Lawyer 
  • Firms are considering their options prior to the Jackson reforms deadline in April | The Lawyer 
  • The Belgian market is packed so why are firms still eager to get a look-in? | The Lawyer 
  • Privatisation work is trickling back into Greece and foreign investor interest is resurfacing | The Lawyer 
  • Profit on the margins | The Lawyer
  • Effectiveness and appropriateness of the Scottish Parliament in terms of legislative reform | The Firm 
  • Forensics conference aims to produce "Agenda for Change" in legal handling of expert evidence | The Firm 
  • Police Station Duty Participation Hits 50% | The Firm 
  • 2000 firms in crisis talks as ABS bites | The Firm
  • Strategies for responding to the challenges faced by the Criminal Bar | The Barrister Magazine 
  • Minority Legal Orders in the UK | The Barrister Magazine
  • Tax warning over children’s wills | Law Gazette
  • Volunteers ‘unable to fill legal aid void’ | Law Gazette 
  • MoJ considers ending lump sum PI damages | Law Gazette 
  • Barclays boss signals panel shakeup | Law Gazette
  • MPs: family judges should talk to children | Law Gazette 
  • Ministers tight-lipped on EU opt-out | Law Gazette 
  • PM ‘mad’ to cut legal aid for EU immigrants | Law Gazette 
  • How To: get a training contract | Law Gazette 
  • Freedom of information | Law Gazette 
  • SRA denies 2,000 firms in crisis talks | Law Gazette 
  • US eases curbs on foreign in-house lawyers | Law Gazette 
  • Two law firms on Cameron’s Indian mission | Law Gazette
  • Supreme court denies government pressure to select a woman. Senior legal figures believe promotion of three male judges to highest court delayed because ministers want a woman to fill one of the vacancies. Full story - Guardian Law
  • Ministers are to consider the case for successful personal injury claimants to receive damages over a period of time rather than in one lump sum. Full story - Law Gazette
  • Profit on the margins - You don’t have to be a big firm to innovate and thrive in a downturn - 10 inspiring stories from Law Firms. Full story - The Lawyer
  • Lord Kerr warns that councils will 'exploit' Supreme Court ruling. Homeless families can be accommodated in separate flats and do not have to be housed in the same units, Supreme Court justices ruled. Full story - Solicitor's Journal    
  • The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has rejected a demand by the Legal Services Board (LSB) that it start a review of the separate business rule, saying it can see “very little public interest justification” for doing so. Full story - Legal Futures

Notable Articles of the week:

The UK and international articles of the week are pieces selected by @TheLawMap tweeting team based on recommendations from friends and followers of daily law news blog. 

  • International law isn't 'real' - pseudo-consensus on what the law 'is', but simply a consensus among elites | Nanjala Nyabola - Al Jazeera 
  • Beyond Asimov: the struggle to develop a legal framework for robots | Mark Piesing - Wired 
  • Why giving men anonymity in rape cases is a bad idea | Lisa Longstaff - The Guardian

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