The Law Business: 11th to 17th February

Welcome to the year's sixth edition of the weekly 'Law Business' column brought to you by the SundayLawReview team.  


This week, two tragic events marred Valentines Day. The death of academic and Philosopher of Law Ronald Dworkin and the fall from grace of world's most famous Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius. This column takes a serious look at what happened in the business of law within UK as reported by online legal publications throughout last week.

The most interesting articles on developments, compliance, business and the study of law including articles cited within TheLawMap 'focus of the day': 

  • Employment tribunal hearing first claim for caste discrimination collapses | Guardian Law
  • SRA eyes quicker ABS application process as interest in MDPs strengthens | Legal Futures 
  • CILEx and CLC confirm bids to become will-writer regulators | Legal Futures
  • Washing Up: We will all end up being consultants, running courses & writing books on how to be lawyers | Law Gazette 
  • Law Society pours cold water on the SRA’s red-tape bonfire | Law Gazette
  • Bypassing lawyers would save £1.5bn, insurer claims | Law Gazette
  • Lawyers and courts face secrecy challenge in trade secrets cases
  • The Lawyer Management inaugural awards launches | The Lawyer 
  • Appeal judges quash back-to-work regulations | Solicitors Journal
  • Court of Appeal: solicitor not liable for fellow partner's fraud | Legal Futures 
  • Mid-Staffs scandal highlights dangers of defensive culture in the law, says consumer chief | Legal Futures
  • Why do Law firms run shy of campaigns? | Law Gazette 
  • Autonomy Finances Before HP Deal Probed by UK Regulator | Bloomberg Law 
  • Assessing costs: a nasty shock | Law Gazette 
  • Regulate will-writing but not estate administration, LSB recommends | Law Gazette 
  • LSB fails to back regulation of estate administration | Solicitors Journal 
  • LPA waiting period should be abolished, Lush says | Solicitors Journal
  • Law Society chief: failure to embrace flexible working holding back diversity | Legal Futures 
  • A weekly round-up of who's moving up, down or out in global legal practice | The Global Legal Post 
  • Accountancy watchdog launches Autonomy inquiry | The Global Legal Post 
  • Diversity improving at UK law firms | The Global Legal Post 
  • Are you advising on Cumulative Impact Zones? | Solicitors Journal 
  • Law firm must pay £323,000 for remortgage error | Solicitors Journal 
  • MoJ moves to change law on discount rate | Solicitors Journal
  • Solicitors must “comply or die”, says new LexisNexis white paper | Legal Futures 
  • Evidence may back up discount rate rise, says MoJ | Law Gazette
  • Charter firms improve their diversity profile | Law Gazette 
  • Leading merger broker enters the law after striking deal with ABS consultancy | Legal Futures
  • Barristers appeal disciplinary findings in wake of Bar tribunal failures | Legal Futures 
  • EU anti-money laundering plans put client confidentiality at risk, Law Society warns | Legal Futures
  • Regulators’ approach to failures | Law Gazette 
  • FSA wins 'important precedent' case against illegal land bank
  • QC faces jail after pocketing VAT for 12 years | Law Gazette 
  • Contingency fee caps ‘not high enough’ | Solicitors Journal 
  • QC convicted of £600,000 VAT fraud | Solicitors Journal
  • Lawyers and the new money laundering directive | Law Gazette 
  • European AML directive ‘unlikely to be effective’ | Law Gazette 
  • Majority against IFA referral move | Law Gazette 
  • Keystone offers £1 top-up insurance cover | Law Gazette 
  • Maintenance pending suit applications | Law Gazette 
  • Fraud hotline set up for homeowners | Law Gazette 
  • LSC drops legal aid contract changes | Law Gazette 
  • MoJ closes 103 PPI claims management companies | Solicitors Journal
  • In House Lawyer Interview - Eurostar's GC Scott Marshall | The Lawyer 
  • All change in transatlantic referrals | The Lawyer 
  • In praise of religious arbitration | The Lawyer 
  • Supreme Court on side of part-time judges, ending eight-year fight for MoJ pension contributions | The Lawyer 
  • Libor claims are next in line to plague beleaguered bankers, with a streamlined claims route proposed | The Lawyer 
  • Insurers pulling fraud & regulatory cover for directors is having a major effect on corporate defence | The Lawyer 
  • Deal activity is at a record level and heading upwards in Turkey | The Lawyer
  • Croydon PI solicitor teams up with local newspaper in novel approach to referrals | Legal Futures 
  • Bristol 'law shop' given new lease of life by local solicitors | Legal Futures
  • UK law firms are tasting success in their efforts to improve diversity and inclusion performance but there is still more work to be done. Full story - The Global Legal Post
  • Judicial review is increasingly essential, judges warn government. Supreme court president and deputy strongly defend access to legal process as fundamental to rule of law. Full story - Guardian Law
  • The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI may have come as a shock, but it is entirely lawful under Canon Law. Full story - The Lawyer
  • A legal challenge to halt cuts to personal injury fees will be fast-tracked through the High Court, it was revealed today. The judicial review application by two claimant groups in opposition to new recoverable fixed costs in the RTA Portal has been listed for a ‘rolled-up’ hearing as soon as possible. Full story - Law Gazette 
  • Consumers like indemnity insurance, LSB panel research finds. Making it optional would hit vulnerable consumers the hardest. Full story - Solicitors Journal    

Notable Articles of the week:

The UK and international articles of the week are pieces selected by @TheLawMap tweeting team based on recommendations from friends and followers of daily law news blog. 

  • The absurd laxity of Britain's police | Editorial - The Independent
  • Is INDIA facing a 'cultural emergency'? All sides silent on attacks on Free Speech | Soutik Biswas - BBC Asia
  • The Pope's Resignation, A Legal Guide | Law Blog - The Wall Street Journal
  • The Enlightenment's 'Race' Problem, and Ours |  Justin E. H. Smith - The NewYork Times
  • UK workers earning the same as they were ten years ago | The BBC

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