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Earlier in the week Justice Secretary Chris Grayling appeared before the Commons Justice Select committee to defend his cuts to the Legal Aid budget. His statement seem to outline an almost derisory view of the legal profession. He said, "One of the big challenges we have is not a shortage of lawyers in this country. "Indeed, one of the areas that I think the Bar and both sides of the profession need to look at is the number of people who are operating in legal aid at the moment". There has however, been a small u-turn in government proposal to reform the justice system. Client choice has been retained. While the proposed scale of the cuts remain, defendents would still be able to choose their own lawyer. 

The Judicial Executive Board – which includes the lord chief justice, Lord Judge, the master of the rolls, Lord Dyson, and the heads of the main divisions of the high court, released its detailed critique of government's legal aid reforms, warning of more miscarriages of justice as talented lawyers abandon criminal and publicly funded cases

Cashflow problems and anticipated fall in legal aid funding has led to the closure of Birmingham Law Centre earlier last week. The centre’s five solicitors, and 15 paralegal and support staff helped around 2,000 clients a year

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Latest TheLawMap interview features Barrister Felicity Gerry talking about her 19 years of expereince in dealing with fraud, fatal and serious sexual offence cases: 'The Art of Advocacy: A Barrister's Tale'.      

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  • Stop stop-and-search and I might start helping you | Lemn Sissay - The Guardian

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