The Law Business: 18th to 24th March

Welcome to the year's 11th edition of the weekly 'Law Business' column brought to you by the SundayLawReview team. In the week when Nigeria had been mourning the loss of its best known writer Chinua Achebe, this column would like to pay tribute to this greatest ever African storyteller of whom Nelson Mandela had once said, "He was the writer in whose company the prison walls came down." 


The weekend leading to the start of the week was dominated by concerns over a new deal on press regulation in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal. A deal had been reached by the end of Monday. 


If budget cuts, ABS and the effective abolishing of legal aid were not a serious threat to the profession, this week there was another stark reminder of how difficult the job of a legal practitioner could be. In Warrington, a pickaxe gang has been jailed for attacking a lawyer who just happened to be driving his client - in the wrong place and wrong time, in scenes reminiscent from the Wild West?


The purpose of this column is to take a serious look at what happened in the business of law within UK as reported by online legal publications throughout last week. 

The most interesting articles on developments, compliance, business of law within UK or as well as international developments of interest to UK law firms and legal practioners: 
'But, only 37% of lawyers received a bonus' - New law Journal

Interesting articles on the study of law, legal training, pupillage and legal academia: 

Articles of the week:

The UK and international articles of the week are pieces selected by @TheLawMap tweeting team based on recommendations from friends and followers of daily law news blog. 

  • Beneath the skin of the Leveson law | James Landale - The BBC
  • LIBYA: Transitional justice: perspectives from and for young Libyans | Tom Westcott - Libya Herald 
  • Pope Francis's emphasis on social justice could reinvigorate the church | Catherine Pepinster - The Observer 
  • Legal rights in big data: the elephant in the room | Richard Kemp - The Guardian 
  • Women's Rights are Human Rights | Evelyn Leopold - Huff Post 
  • Protection from Slavery, Servitude and Forced Labour under the ECHR: Problems and Prospects | Cliodhna Murphy - Human Rights in Ireland  

News from the Law Firms & Chambers: 

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