The Law Business: 21st to 27th January

Welcome to this year's third edition of the weekly 'Law Business' column brought to you by the SundayLawReview team. This week, while some of this team had been distracted by matters evolving at Pearson Hardman and Hunter Catastrophe's return to the Inner Temple, we have still found time to take a serious look at what happened in the business of law within UK as reported by online legal publications throughout last week. 

The most interesting articles on developments, compliance, business and the study of law including articles cited within TheLawMap 'focus of the day': 

  • More legal aid cuts will lead to poor relying on 'second best' lawyers. Chair of Bar Council warns that further cuts to criminal legal aid risk undermining provision of justice. Full story - Guardian Law
  • Supreme Court warns of 'uncertainty' if legal privilege extended to non-lawyers. Parliament, and not the courts, should decide on whether legal advice privilege (LAP) should be extended to non-lawyers, the Supreme Court has decided. Full story - Solicitors Journal
  • The cab-rank rule is ineffective and should be removed from the barristers’ code of conduct – and instead applied as a principle to all providers of legal services, including alternative business structures (ABSs) – a new report has urged. Full story - Legal Futures
  • Although they have made a quiet start, ABSs have the power to change the face of the legal sector. A year on from the first alternative business structure (ABS) licences and the legal sector is beginning to see the effects. Full story - The Lawyer
  • A call by the competition watchdog for simpler complaints procedures in the legal profession has received the support of the Legal Services Board. Full story - Law Gazette
  • "Chaotic" Jackson reforms will mean a "raft of litigation" | The Lawyer 
  • Lawyers' salaries favour men | New Law Journal
  • ‘Marriage of same sex couples is lawful’ | Solicitors Journal 
  • In-house lawyers reject Law Society's new division | Solicitors Journal
  • COLP cover-up is unforgiveable – and that’s the truth | Law Gazette
  • Legal challenge begins on RTA fixed fees | Law Gazette 
  • Law Society hits out at barrister contracts for putting solicitors 'at disadvantage' | The Lawyer
  • Pull up your socks, Johnny Foreigner | Law Gazette 
  • Bailiff checks to be bolted on to Crime and Courts Bill | Law Gazette 
  • Society and Bar clash over new standard contract terms | Law Gazette
  • Media law trends in 2013: what's on the horizon 
  • Law Society warns solicitors to protect themselves against "biased" barristers' terms | Legal Futures 
  • Clash over whether Delhi rape case proves continuing need for cab-rank rule | Legal Futures 
  • ‘Lack of evidence’ for judicial review restrictions | Solicitors Journal 
  • Female lawyers lose £50k in gender gap | The Global Legal Post 
  • Mummery LJ blocks challenge to rule on periodic joint tenancies | Solicitors Journal
  • How well did your firm or department cope with the snow? | Law Gazette 
  • Secret courts ‘unjust’ warns Law Society | Law Gazette
  • European Commission creates group to analyse whether EU legal anomalies constrain cross-border insurance trade 
  • Government closes door on accountants' last hope to change privilege rules | Legal Futures 
  • ‘Scope for argument’ over referral fee rules, SRA warns | Solicitors Journal
  • Offshore firms announce alliance | The Global Legal Post 
  • Trainee lawyer retention rates slip | The Global Legal Post 
  • London legal hiring boosts 2012 job figures | The Global Legal Post
  • Accountants lose bid for extension of legal privilege | The Global Legal Post 
  • Ladbrokes cuts legal panel as move away from hourly billing edges closer | The Lawyer 
  • Grayling takes aim at the bar | Law Gazette 
  • COLP/COFA test failed by over 1,000 | Law Gazette
  • Public sector lawyers hit by spending cuts in Newcastle, Bristol, Manchester | The Lawyer 
  • Supreme Court rejects bid to extend legal professional privilege to non-lawyers | Legal Futures 
  • SRA reveals scale of COLP/COFA failures as 1,200 nominees don't declare suitability issues | Legal Futures 
  • Let parliament decide on privilege, Lord Neuberger says | Solicitors Journal 
  • Legal professional privilege only for lawyers, Supreme Court rules | Law Gazette
  • SRA set to offer informed guidance but not safe harbour over referral fee ban | Legal Futures
  • Costs specialist becomes ABS | Solicitors Journal 
  • Silence over Jackson ‘leading to rumours of delays’ | Solicitors Journal 
  • Sole practitioners: we won’t join Law Society | Solicitors Journal 
  • ‘Data mismatches’ hit COLP and COFA approvals | Solicitors Journal
  • Judicial Review: proposals for reform | The Barrister
  • Justice secretary questions hiring of QCs in criminal trials | Law Gazette 
  • Barristers fear QASA boycott will lead to loss of right to practise | Legal Futures 
  • Solicitors' firm sees red in trade mark dispute with licensed conveyancers over their name | Legal Futures
  • State Pension Changes - A Briefing for Family Lawyers | Family Law Week
  • Big Cases from last year’s punishing economic conditions that pushed many companies into administration | The Lawyer 
  • NHS negligence payouts can be good value but investment in the services would be a better outcome | The Lawyer 
  • Although they have made a quiet start, ABSs have the power to change the face of the legal sector | The Lawyer 
  • The Public Service Pensions Bill could lead to constitutional corruption if it is not amended | The Lawyer 
  • Family justice ‘wish list’ | Law Gazette 
  • Green in the dock with technology | Law Gazette 
  • ‘Common sense’ fraud ruling lauded | Law Gazette 
  • A review of the 2012 changes to criminal law | Law Gazette 
  • Unpaid court fines still add up to £600m | Law Gazette 
  • Business leaders have grown ‘diversity weary’ | Law Gazette 
  • Legal advice agencies hit by funding cut | Law Gazette
  • 5 rules of the insolvency game: As the high street suffers, lawyers pick up mandates from administrators | The Lawyer
  • New marketing collective bids to move beyond PI as Accidents Direct plans big panel expansion | Legal Futures 
  • The SRA's trust exercise | Legal Futures 
  • LSB and consumer panel back OFT call for simpler legal regulation | Legal Futures
  • Supreme Court stars on YouTube | Law Gazette 
  • Taxi for the cab rank rule | Law Gazette 
  • SRA spurns pleas to approve post-Jackson business models | Law Gazette

Articles of the week:

The UK and international articles of the week are pieces selected by @TheLawMap tweeting team based on recommendations from friends and followers of daily law news blog. 

  • Leveson's chief inquisitor Robert Jay calls UK press 'most unruly and irreverent in world' | Josh Halliday - The Guardian
  • Are Ethnic Minority Students Being Forced Into Medicine And Law Degrees? | Lucy Sherriff - Huffington Post 
  • What I think George Orwell would have written about today | Shami Chakrabarti - Guardian Books
  • Judge brands property law unfair on married couples | Marilyn Stowe Blog 

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