The Law Business: 24th to 30th December

Dear Reader,

Instead of the usual 'Law Business' column that graces these weekly pages the festive lull affords us the opportunity to wish each and every one of our readers a very happy new year. 2012 has been a fantastic first year here at TheLawMap.

Thank you very much for your kind support in helping us achieve over 50,000 views in, our daily law news blog. The LawNewsIndex archive now contains over 48,000 law news items dating back to 27th December 2011. 

The 'Law Business - weekly law blog' compiled by the  SundayLawReview team is close to 10,000 viewings after just a few months in operation. The most active part of our social media platform remains @ThelawMap twitter account where we have more than 2200 followers from the legal fraternity.

All of the above is a result of your word of mouth recommendation and social media endorsements throughout the last 12 months. TheLawMap as a project started with an informal objective of making the law and the legal profession appear more humane, and thereby more approachable to the general public. That objective remains a strong driving force with exciting new developments on the cards for 2013 offering more opportunities for interaction within the legal community.    

So here's wishing you a prosperous, peaceful, healthy & just 2013!

Very Best Wishes Team

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