The Law Business: 29th October to 4th November

Welcome to the weekly 'Law Business' column from the SundayLawReview team taking a cursory look at what happened in the business of law within UK as reported by online legal publications throughout last week.

The most interesting articles on developments, compliance and the business of law including articles cited within TheLawMap 'focus of the day': 

  • The SRA has suffered a temporary setback in its attempt to secure higher fining powers against traditional law firms after the MoJ refused to raise them in line with those applicable to ABSs. Full story | Solicitors Journal 
  • The contribution of lawyers. Don't emphasise your legal skills when on a board but your depth of experience dealing with companies. Full story | The Global Lawyer 
  • The Law Society has rebutted bar claims that solicitors are putting pressure on barristers to enter referral fee arrangements that damage the interests of clients. Full story | Law Gazette 
  • The gender pay gap is now 15 per cent. Is the Supreme Court’s decision that out-of-time equal pay claims can proceed as breach of contract claims in the High Court a step too far for employers? Full story | The Lawyer 
  • The importance of law firms marketing to their existing client base has come through strongly from major new Law Society research that shows repeat clients are by far solicitors’ biggest source of work. Full story | Legal Futures
  • High Court rejects appeal of solicitor struck off in his absence | Legal Futures
  • Independence may benefit Scottish law firms, but they are not holding their breath | The Lawyer 
  • World Cup & Olympics, springboard for sports-related legal projects, but the potential doesn’t end there | The Lawyer 
  • London remains key location for Continental firms keen to build referral relationships than ever before | The Lawyer 
  • Scrutiny & enforcement is streamlined, antitrust regulation is at the top of many companies’ agendas | The Lawyer 
  • Losing track of who’s merged with whom in the UK legal market? | The Lawyer 
  • Tackling equal pay issues before they reach the courts just became an even | The Lawyer
  • A group of top law firms have been drafted in for the publishing world's mega merger | The Global Legal Post 
  • Women are enjoying less opportunities in law firms than their male counterparts | The Global Legal Post 
  • Overseas work boosts UK top ten law firms | The Global Legal Post 
  • Majority of top firms eyeing growth through merger as ABSs appear on the radar | Legal Futures 
  • Solicitors putting barristers under increasing pressure to pay referral fees, Bar Council warns | Legal Futures
  • The Practice of Law - Law schools are turning out lawyers who are not capable of being counselors 
  • Top 10 U.K. Law Firms Increase Market Share With Overseas Work
  • Bar broadside on referral fees ‘confused and self-serving’| Law Gazette 
  • Grayling promises clampdown on unrecovered legal aid | Law Gazette 
  • ALS founder blames ‘intimidation’ for court interpreter debacle | Law Gazette
  • Government rejects new calls to do away with chancel repair liability | Solicitors Journal 
  • Conveyancers split over CLC’s regulatory plans | Solicitors Journal
  • Legal financing fund at centre of allegations suspended
  • Divorce ruling branded ‘cheat’s charter’ | Law Gazette 
  • Goldsmith warning on confidentiality | Law Gazette 
  • US plea to curb third-party funding | Law Gazette 
  • Commercial property - how long is a reasonable time to consent to an assignment? | Law Gazette 
  • SRA ‘confident’ over PC renewals | Law Gazette 
  • Government rejects judicial demands for costs council | The Lawyer
  • Scottish entry into the EU need not be a complicated legal affair
  • City watchdog reports huge increase in whistleblowing | The Global Legal Post
  • Criminalising Subletting: A Step Too Far ... Or not Far Enough? | The Barrister Magazine 
  • DNA after Lawrence | The Barrister Magazine 
  • Innovative marketing – do the current BSB rules discriminate against chambers? | The Barrister Magazine 
  • Strategy Formulation in a Changing Market | The Barrister Magazine
  • Regulator launches leniency policy consultation | Solicitors Journal 
  • SRA setback over higher fining powers | Solicitors Journal
  • Costs lawyers have expressed disappointment at the government’s decision not to create a costs council | Law Gazette 
  • Disappointment at costs council decision | Law Gazette
  • UK Gets Open Definitions Right: Government procurements now prefer open standards,no patent restrictions in standards 
  • Law firms’ tax affairs in the spotlight | Solicitors Journal
  • Richards LJ to take over as deputy civil justice head | The Lawyer 
  • The EU Is Now Actively Discouraging Lawyers From Talking In Court 
  • Licensed conveyancers attack regulator’s move into litigation and advocacy | Legal Futures
  • Secret courts plan may be incompatible with Human Rights Act says watchdog 
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